10th August 1944

Quiet night, and had several hours sleep.  To West Bergholt, to see Hatchet, baliff for Westwood Park, about some machinery application.  Made a delightful trip on such a fine sunny morning.  Got to office 10.30, with legitimate excuse for once.  Most of the corn cut and traved, and carting going on at both Boxted and Horkesley.
Called at Hervey Benham’s, and he paid me a guinea for the review of May’s book, which will be out next week.

Several times today we were all amused to see stark naked children running in and out of the brothel on the opposite side of the road, rolling on the hot pavement.

Went to Library after tea, and walked through the Park.  Lovely evening.  The sun was westering, sending a great beam of warm orange light into the north wall of the Castle, and across the grass beneath the trees.  The obelisk stood on its little island, where no grass ever grows, throwing a black finger on the parched lawn.  Distant A.A. firing far away.

To Boxted by 9.30.  Bed at 11pm,  Very hot.  Felt depressed, and extremely apprehensive for no reason at all.

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