16th August 1944

Quiet night, but a series of four alarms one after another soon after quarter to 9 this morning.  Some distant gun-fire, but nothing happened.

Brilliant hot day.  Big crowds at the Bus Park, going to the seaside, children with spades and pails.  Busy day in the office, ‘phone going the whole time.  Home to tea, then up-town, saw Molly Blomfield, near Sheregate, for the first time in six months.  Spoke to her, and she laughed and chatted happily.  Felt very sorry for her.

Then went down to St Botolph’s Corner, where a deep trench has now been dug across the street from the site of Blomfield’s shop through the cartway between the “Woolpack” and the next shop towards Osborne Street.  A few feet within this cartway a number of pieces of ancient timber were stuck, perhaps parts of pipes or troughs, similar to those found when the Electricity Works were built.   

Saw a circus on the Recreation Ground, a horrid, dirty little affair, with a dirty patched tent a few tired looking thin ponies.  These poor derelict circuses are now given free sites on municipal land all over the country now, as part of the “holidays-at-home” business.

Back to the office and wrote a letter to Poulter.  Felt better.  Must bring this affair to an end.
To Boxted 9.30, and to bed soon after 10, very tired.

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