5th August 1944

To Post before 1.00am, feeling dreadful.  As I went down the lane by Ridgwalls, there were rifle shots down by the Nayland road, and the sound of a lorry driving away.  Probably poachers.  Old Diaper on with me, and was very kind.  Ate apple and drank hot sweet tea at 3am, but did not feel any better.

Brilliant moonlight night, yet all quiet.  ‘Diver’ on at 3, and again at 4.30, but nothing in the area.  Never so glad to see the dawn, and thankful to crawl into bed at 5.30.  Felt bad on waking, and could not eat, not even the delicious tomato sandwiches Miss Bentley made for me.

Went to bed again at 9, but felt so queer did not know what to do.  Long to be sick.

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