EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

2nd August 1944

Another quiet night, and slept for 4 hours, although tormented by the most dreadful dreams.

Dull, and cool NE wind.  Had lunch with Daphne.  Bought rations, but did not go home, going early to Boxted ready for 9 o’clock watch.

A “fair” going on in the Holly Trees grounds.  In the Meadow a few children were sliding down a chute on a mat, and a pretty little ginger haired girl and her mother were looking at the coconut shies, while the blonde supercilious looking police woman strolled across the grass. 

Castignoli was there with his amplifier, appealing for money for the Red Cross.  On the footbridge by the Middle Mill people were fishing in the Mill Pool, while dogs played and scampered on King’s Mead.

Called at Woodside, and then to Observer Post at 9 o’clock.  Terrific row going on about proposed changes in rota times, to which I remained indifferent, but all the other men furious.  Am determined to give up this ridiculous job anyway, as am quite unable to do it.

About 10 o’clock 24 Thunderbolts came in to Boxted, in the damp gloomy dusk, swooping and roaring and at last sinking one by one out of sight behind the trees, while I solemnly reported them in.

Thankful to get to bed, even if not to sleep, by 1.30am.

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