11th August 1944

Lovely morning, and a glorious view from my window, acres of potatoes, and acres of traved corn.  Got in early, and very busy all day.  Lunch at the Regal, saw a girl very much like pretty Mrs. Caswell, the “Rat Woman” from Ministry of Food, but it wasn’t.

An alarm for 5 minutes at quarter past 2, while I was in the Library, but nothing happened. 

Had tea with Daphne, then cycled back to Boxted with her and then on to the Observer Post at 9.  About 11 o’clock there were showers of meteors, more than I have ever seen before.   

Feel very envious, as Eva Funnell, the pretty Land Arrmy girl, is off to Wales tomorrow for a week.

‘Diver’ came on again before 1.00am, and just as I was turning by the “Queen’s” the alarm sounded.  Heard a ‘diver’ somewhere near, but could not see it.  ‘All-clear’ within a few minutes, then to bed.

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Anonymous said...

Eric was observing 1944's Perseids meteor shower, although interestingly he perhaps didn't know that despite it being a well known event each year.