17th August 1944

Yet another quiet night, and a brilliant dawn.  Hot day.  Nothing from Poulter.

Hear that last week, on Friday I think, Eisenhower was at Dunmow and Debden, inspecting USA bases.

Trouble all day, mostly about labour.  Mrs Allen and Spencer both away, and long streams of ‘phone calls for me to answer, mostly about Women's Land Army.

Chapman from Dedham, came in, and was very rude because he thinks we ought to pay him some ploughing subsidy, which was in fact paid to the previous owner, although he did not actually bring the land into cultivation.

This evening went over to Higham, calling at Dedham on the way, to have a chat with Sissons.  Jacquie was very charming, looking like a little brown boy.  There was an alarm at quarter to 9, and two ‘divers’ were heard, somewhere to the south, followed by two explosions.  Went to the Post at 1.00am and heard that one was recorded in our sector, and that it fell at Castle Hedingham, 14 miles away.  Most puzzling, the way these wretched things seem to come in almost due East.  Feel that they cannot be launched from Holland.  Some people say they are sent from small ships, or possibly from submarines.

Had a completely uneventful night, no ‘divers’, nothing.  Came home at 5am so dark I had to use a lamp – signs of dreaded winter coming on. 

This morning saw Harry Neale ride past the office on a nice blue roan.

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