9th July 1943

Late as usual today, but District Officer not there, so all well.  Called at Park Lane Farm, Langham, to see Williamson about an application for a building licence.  One of the aerodrome runways is less than 100 yards from his house, and all day long they suffer the fearful roar of ‘planes taking off, everything covered in fine dust, which creeps into the house through every crack.  Life must be absolutely intolerable.  Lovely morning, clear and sunny, but rain this afternoon.

Cycled out slowly tonight by Crockleford.  Two fields of oats cut and traved near Fox’s Fruit Farm – curious that these fields are always the first to be cut in this district.  And so another harvest begins.  Hope the weather keeps open.

Cuckoos all gone now.  Noticed they did not seem so numerous this year, nor did they “change their tune” before they left.  Swallows swiftly swooping this evening in front of the Gate House in High Street, where their nests can be seen in a row under the eves.

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