22nd July 1943


Dull morning.  Much talk all day, much telephoning, because of a strike of tractor-drivers at Abbot’s Wick.  Most bizarre business.  They are up in arms in favour of the foreman Frost, who is quite useless and who we want to get rid of.  He has got these drivers to support him, and now proposes to appeal to the Ministry of Labour if we apply for his dismissal.  This afternoon both the office ‘phone and Baldwin’s went out of order, adding to the general confusion.

After lunch the sun came blazing out.  Went to see Molly Blomfield at tea time to help her with her petrol application forms.  Poulter seems unwell, and his voice is very odd.

Most of the outside staff hanging about the office all day because they have no petrol coupons and Writtle refuse to issue any more until the end of the month.

Letter from the Pope in the papers today, on bombing of Rome.  Very good indeed.  Should have an excellent effect.  It is a quiet, dignified protest against this dreadful thing which has been done by the Americans.  His Holiness proposes to move into a palace in the centre of Rome if any other attacks are made.

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