EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

25th July 1943

Woke at 7.  Cell very cold and clammy.  Went over to Holly Trees and worked in my office until 9.30, then (on sudden impulse) went round to Molly Blomfield’s in Trinity Street.  She was cooking breakfast in her pyjamas.  Gave me a cup of tea.  Stayed an hour, talking about the photographic survey [for the National Buildings Record].

Home, bathed, shaved, had lunch, packed up, and cycled to Dedham.  Saw two very smart tub-traps on the Ipswich Road.  At Dedham the street was full of boys and girls cycling down to the river to bathe.

Found Mrs. Sisson at home, and she said that Joy would like me to stay at Dedham for about 10 days while the harvest is on, to make room for extra helpers.  Mrs. Sisson is wonderfully kind, and always willing to help in a case like this.

Stayed to tea.  Mr. and Mrs. Mackworth-Raeburn there.  He is 82, she not more than 40.  They live round the corner near Pond Lane.  He is a most extraordinary old man, and knew Whistler quite well.  He used to do a lot of work at Buckingham Palace, copying royal portraits.  These copies were sent out to various embassies and consulates.  He frequently saw Queen Victoria, but she would never speak to him direct, only through a third person.  He said she was exceptionally short, barely 5 feet.  George V was also very short, and when photographed with Queen Mary would stand on a stool, the Queen’s long skirt being spread in front of it.  Both he and Queen Mary would often chat to Mackworth-Raeburn when he was working at Windsor.

The poor old chap lost his studio in a raid, and now has almost nothing left at all.

Cycled back to Lawford at 9, lovely cool evening.  Worked at my desk until 11.30, then bed.

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