26th July 1943

Foggy, with deep red sun only just above the horizon at 6 o’clock.  Very hot and sunny by the time I got to Colchester.  Busy all morning getting ready for Committee.  Nott was in a temper because he had no petrol, and Writtle refuse to send even a gallon coupon.  Yet this morning some fool drove all the way down here with footling queries about the farm-survey, and on Saturday night the Executive Officer, Leslie, drove down to Mersea to spend the weekend there.

Frank Warren bought four more horses for the Committee at the Suffolk sale on Thursday at an average of £150 each.  They are too good for our class of work.

Committee was very long and very tiring.  Still trouble about the Abbots Wick foreman, Frost, and a deputation of tractor-drivers is to go to Writtle on his behalf.

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