17th July 1943

Managed to get in really early, after a quiet night.  Press conference was in the Holly Trees drawing room at 9.30.  It was not at all satisfactory, and after an hour of this [the newspaper reporters] were taken off to see the land-in-possession, except Nash and Draycott who both refused to go – they said what they wanted was a reply to the allegations made in specific cases in this District, and did not want a conducted tour of Committee land. 

Chairman came in later in the morning, and was very bitter against Wentworth Day.  Called him “a damned imposter, a low journalist, and an agitator”.

Out of office at 1.30, got my rations, and went up town for a few things.  Went into St. Peter’s Churchyard, and looked at the iron work on the door, which I have not seen for years.  Still in good order, though needs cleaning.  Walked along the little path to the back of the Parish Room, and thought of the times when I climbed up and down those steps with the water jug 25 years ago, and the day when Mother came to hurry home with me during an air raid.

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