6th July 1943

Fine day until the afternoon, when clouds rolled over and there were several sharp heavy showers.  Hope we are not in for a wet harvest.  Went home to tea.

This morning 3 or 4 heavy bombers came over, circling the town, and towing troop-gliders.

Cycled out this evening before an immense black storm, but it caught up with me at Ardleigh.  There was thunder and lightning, and the rain came sheeting down, so went into the church to shelter, but it was too dark and gloomy to see anything.  Went out and sat on the seat in the lych-gate, watching the storm, and reading one of Negley Farson’s books.  When the rain stopped a huge double rainbow appeared, against the black receding storm, spanning the eastern sky, and the sun came blazing out.  As I went past the Land Settlement, people were already out working again.

Fed the calves, had supper, and went to bed early, hoping to get some sleep.

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