23rd July 1943

Dull, NE wind, rather cool.  Out this morning looking for new offices in Rawston Road and North Hill, but nothing doing.  Early lunch, then got Bob round to the blacksmith’s, from where Clayton took him over to Ardleigh for his girl to ride.  Not happy about this, Clayton being nothing but a bloody fool, but the girl is delighted.  Hope to God they look after him well. 

‘Phone call from Air Ministry about crops at Fordham, so had to go over there, this afternoon, as nobody else was available.  (N.B. – The old Congretional Church at Fordham is very interesting, and ought to be photographed.  Molly Blomfield must see to this).

At the aerodrome saw Canfield, the Engineer, who showed me some wheat which must be cut and carted at once.  This also means that the traves will have to be set up in another field, as the land is wanted at once.  The wheat is not ready, but it will have to do.  Made the necessary arrangements, and came home.  Old Balls Farm now stands gaunt and derelict.  What terrible waste there has been here.

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