14th July 1943

From 4 to 6am ‘planes came limping in from the sea, and then about 7am over 100 bombers went out very high, right over the house, each with a white vapour trail streaming away from tail and wings, spreading into a vast wide wake, touched with gold by the rising sun.  Hardly had this noise died away than Langham ‘planes were warming up.

Called at Annings’ on the way in.  He says hay will be very short this winter, and only bailed, which is mostly rubbish, will be available.

In the “Gazette” today, a long article about Wentworth Day’s [protest] meeting against the War Agricultural Committee.  [The Executive Committee at] Writtle are now taking this business more seriously, and there is to be a press conference here on Saturday, which Sadler [the Executive Officer] will attend.

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