7th June 1943

Dozed at intervals during the night, got up at 6.30 to find a thick fog, quite like November, the Town Hall almost invisible.  Went home to get clean clothes, and the sky was clear blue by half past 9.

Saw swallows swooping in and out of their nests under the eaves of the Gate House.

Pea-picking began at Mersea today, Nott rushing about getting money in bags to pay the pickers at the end of the day. 

Went down to Sheepen Farm this afternoon.  Even after 3 and a half years of war the whole place is still derelict.  Of course the land is poor, but it ought to grow something.

Capt. Folkard on holiday today.  Very rare indeed that he takes a day off. 

To Lawford 9.30, a quiet lovely evening, birds singing all along the roads.

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