EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

5th June 1943

Quiet night and a fine day.  How delightful when there is only 5 or 6 hours of darkness, and soon there will be only 4. 

Not so many on the bus, being Saturday.  Home to lunch.  Mother had a most amusing story about some man whom Ella knows, living in Gladwin Road.  He cycled down the town, went to Kent & Blaxill’s, came out, forgot he had a cycle, and went home by bus.  When he got there he remembered the cycle, rushed back in a panic and was delighted to find it still standing where he had left it.  Being a religious man he at once walked over to St. Nicholas’ Church and put 2/6 in the poor-box as a thank-offering for the recovery of his cycle.  When he came out the thing had gone.

On the market this afternoon for hour and a half.  What a cruel, hard, mean looking lot these farmers are when you see them altogether.  My notes, three paragraphs, were published in the Agricultural column of the "Essex County Standard" this week.

Got puncture mended and went to Lawford early, fed calves and chickens, chopped mangle etc.  They will be cutting hay soon if the weather holds.

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