EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd June 1943

Heavy clouds, driving S.W. wind.  

Poulter told me today that the Engineer's Department had been very worried a week or so ago because a considerable number of small worms had been found in the water-mains at Parson’s Heath and one or two other places.  Great secrecy was maintained, as Collins did not want the Water Supply Committee to know anything about it.  Apparently the worms were not considered dangerous to health.

This evening went to cinema, but there was an alarm at 7 and I came out.  Can not sit through alarms in cinemas.  Fine clear evening, nothing about, crowds idly wandering in the streets.  When I got back to Lawford Joy said there had been gunfire in Harwich direction.

Bed early, very tired.

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