EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

19th June 1943

Lovely day.  Busy all morning, as Capt. Folkard suddenly became very worried about harvest carriages, so I had to make out lists of everything we have or are likely to have by harvest time.  At any rate we shall have one trolley, wain, or road-wagon for every horse available, to say nothing of the Fordsons and 2-wheel trailers, although they are not really very satisfactory for harvest carting.  It is surprising how little one can load on those trailers. 

Nott still maintains that it is useless to have more horses and wagons as we have nobody capable of using the horses.  It is at any rate true that we have nobody capable of teaching anybody to use horses.

Saw Poulter evening, who for some reason is now convinced that the war is almost over – gives it about another 3 months at the outside.

Back to Lawford in the cool evening.  Heard that the man and woman who were hit by the cannon shell a fortnight ago are both dead.

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