EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

30th June 1943

Low drifting clouds, and NE wind.  Rather cold.  Bad weather for the bees, in fact Joy says there will be hardly any honey at all this year, and the bees will probably die.

Came in by bus, crowded as usual.  Heard today that one of the new girls at the office is a Christadelphian, and is rather unpopular with the others.  Hear also that we are likely to have another conscientious objector, Cousins, the man who was sacked from the Town Hall.  Some of the girls say they won't work with these C.O.s – they say they don't like Jones, the Welshman.  Capt. Folkard says he doesn't care one way or another so long as they dont have any conscientious objections about work.

Cycled out this evening, cool wind but sunny.  Saw the American engine at Johnny Bois Hill, huge great thing, pulling a coal train.  Had supper alone, with raspberries and cream.
Mr. Craig came in, and says he thinks we ought to reply to the accusations of the Peldon parson, who has written such scurrilous letters to the press about the War Agricultural Committee.  Capt. Folkard says no, let the whole thing run its course, and it will all soon be forgotten.

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