4th June 1943

Lovely morning, with slight haze.  How we pray for clear weather.  Few clouds rolled up from the west at midday, but not much.  

Busy all day, then went up to Maldon Road, to tea at old Smith’s.  Hilda was there, and it was very pleasant.  Poor old man, he is very feeble, but I think he enjoyed my visit.  We talked horses solidly the whole time.  After tea the old boy made a determined effort to sell me a driving whip for 30/-, in real dealer-like fashion.  Finally agreed for a £1, but he said he would put a silver band on for me.  Hilda says he will have forgotten the whole business in a day or so, but if he doesn't I’ll certainly have the whip.

In the Council report in tonight’s “Standard”, the Chairman of the ARP Committee is reported as warning the public always to go to shelters whenever the alarm is sounded, and always to get up in the night.  Mother and Father will be delighted, as they have done this quite consistently since Sept: 1939.

Got a puncture, so came out on the bus tonight.  Clouds came up again, and it began to rain.  About 8 heard Colchester sirens, and some distant gunfire.  All-clear in less than 10 minutes.

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