EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

6th June 1943

Wind and clouds, getting thicker, then rain beginning.  Working all day.  Mrs. Snow, the WRNS Commandant from Harwich, and Commander Richardson came to tea.  She is a most charming woman, about 35 I should think, full of the most delightful stories about Royalty visiting Harwich, and about riotous parties on the destroyers.  The Duchess of Kent was down there not long ago, and when crossing the harbour in a launch got very smutted by smoke from a destroyer.  She was urgently in need of a powder compact, and the only one to be found on the boat belonged to a little WRN rating, so this had to be handed along to HRH’s lady-in-waiting.

Left at 7, under dark driving clouds.  To Holly Trees and saw Poulter.  The night silent and starry, one or two searchlights flickering, but not a ‘plane in sight.

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