11th June 1943

Lovely morning, got in by 9.  Very busy all day, Committee members in and out, ‘phone calls from the Air Ministry etc.  Col. Furneaux came in, very worried about Nymann and his cows.  Thinks now that we are being very hard on the man, yet he above everybody has been agitating about his wretched cows for months.  There is no doubt they must be got rid of, as he cannot possibly keep the things on the remaining strip of Pete Tye Common, or they will be doing endless damage to the Committee’s crops.  Spent a long time trying to find out how to get a permit to buy wood to repair our wagons, but nobody would tell me.  Strange that we put through scores of applications for other people, yet there seems to be no machinery for a Committee to get wood for their urgent jobs.

Noticed at the entrance to the Culver St. lavatories the following notice written in pencil:

“All Military Pers:
Pros: Given here.
            U.S. Army”

Can only imagine that “pers. pros.” Are “personal protectors”, i.e. – American for “French letters.”  An amusing light on the social customs of the Americans, wonder how many people know that the Corporation Public Lavatories are being used for such a purpose.

Back to Lawford early, fed all the animals, chopped the mangle, spread straw, etc.

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