5th May 1943

Lovely morning.  Felt bad, and got up late.  Headache all day.  On the way out, called at White House Farm, Langham, to see Barker, our tenant [who was living on the edge of the new aerodrome].  He is very worried, and I advised him privately to get out if he could.  Things are now in such a state that he cannot leave his wife alone in the house without labourers trying to attack her, and cannot leave the house empty without old Mrs. C, the late owner, wandering about the place.  He is scared that she will set it on fire again, as she has all ready done so twice, and got off scot-free each time. 
One of the Land Girls was charged with stealing a watch today.  This is the first time we have had a police-court case involving any of the girls.

Came out by Dedham.  Called at Sissons.  Mrs. S. much better, looking thinner and younger than before her illness.  Had an hour's talk, then on to Lawford, and took the wheels off Joy’s trap, as she is going to have new rubber tyres.  Sky clouded over and looks like rain.  Am wondering if there will be an attack tonight – there was one last night, somewhere in Suffolk.  Feel very tired and sleepy, and hope for a good night.

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