15th May 1943

No raid last night.  Wakened at times by the noise of planes coming back from somewhere, but had several hours sleep.  Glorious morning.  Fisher says Brantham Court was seriously damaged last night, but no one hurt.

The morning papers say “12 dead in East Anglian town”, and others missing.  The Germans have already announced an attack on Chelmsford, they say with a heavy force.  We say with a very small force.  At least 30 planes passed over Lawford, but they did not all get as far as Chelmsford.

I feel relieved that I have sold Robin.  After all, I can always use Hampshire’s pony, and there is the jennet, who really ought to work.

Went down to Bourne Mill.  Old Bob does not look at all well.   

Saw Poulter about 7, when I went on duty.  Duncan Clark was in the Castle today, looking for carved wood work which has long been lost.

Dusk, and the moon rising.  Sat writing in Holly Trees, when suddenly, at a minute or two before 10, the sirens went off.  Not so scared as I expected to be, perhaps because it was hardly dark.  The streets were full of men and girls going home from cinemas, and there was the roaring of drunk Canadians in the yard of the “Castle” pub. 

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