18th May 1943

Sirens at 2a.m., but nothing happened except a dull distant thump of bombs.  The alarm was on until after 3.  No newspapers at Lawford when I left, so there may have been a raid on London.

Another lovely day, clear, cloudless, sky.   

This evening cycled to Lawford, put the harness on Robin, and then started back to Ardleigh.  He was a bit reluctant to start, but I finally got him trotting quietly behind the cycle.  Went by Coggeshall Road and Hunter’s Chase.  Near Rookery Farm heard Brantham and Wenham sirens, and a very distant hum of aircraft.  Clear, cloudless sky.  Children playing in the road, did not bother to look up.  All-clear came in less than 5 minutes. 

Went down the lane by Harvey’s Farm.  Lovely Suffolks in the fields belonging to Jocelyn, and they came along at full gallop.  Got to Springgate about 8.  Everybody seemed vague – no stable, no food.  I wish I had never let this deal go through.

Got back to Lawford by 10.30.  Everybody in bed.

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