25th May 1943

Had a wonderful night.  Slept from 10 o’clock until 6, and then dozed until 7.  The sun rose and shone among clouds.   

There was an alarm at midday, but the sky was clear and blue, and nothing came.  Saw Peggy Mens and her husband at lunch in Rose’s café.  She told me that farms belonging to her uncle and her cousin were both largely destroyed by bombs on the night that Chelmsford was raided.  Her husband said he wished he had bought a farm before the war.  Poor devil, if he had, he would not be in the army now.

This evening saw Rogers driving old Polly, the first pony I ever had.  She looks as well as ever.  Called to see Lawrence the coach builder on East Hill, and had a long talk about old times.

Just as I got to Lawford, heard all-clears sounding at Manningtree and Wenham, but heard no alarms.  Mrs. Simonds, is staying at the farm.  Says she heard a distant alarm about 2 a.m. Monday.  Thank heavens I didn’t.

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