17th May 1943

Brilliant weather, but still not too hot.  There was an alarm at 4 o’clock this morning, but the birds were already singing and the eastern sky was lightening.  Nothing happened, and the all-clear came in 10 minutes. 

Wrote a long letter to Proudfoot today, about Emerson’s case, giving the facts about rural blacksmiths, but I don't suppose he will understand it.

Committee at Birch this afternoon.  The Chairman and Col. Furneaux both away.  Quite a lot of talk about “after the war”.  Alec Page said “… now that it looks as if the war may end suddenly.”  What a hope!

Called at Springgate, Ardleigh tonight, and arranged to take Robin over there tomorrow. 

Joy’s pony broke loose today and galloped through the village, causing more excitement than a load of bombs dropping.

Raids over London last night.  Tonight there is an almost full moon, in a calm clear sky.  How many more nights are we to suffer?

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