30th May 1943

Wakened by an alarm just after midnight.  Heard Fisher’s dog bark, and the sirens moaning.  A plane came over, and circled around for nearly 3 hours, I suppose waiting for the RAF machines to come back.  Three or four guns were fired, a long way off, but there was no other opposition.  The RAF began to come back about 3, and I fell asleep before the all-clear sounded. 

Dark and cloudy this morning, and a heavy thunderstorm broke about 11 o’clock, and lasted half an hour.  The rain is much wanted.  

Spent the whole day writing.  Wrote to Joanna, and to the National Trust.  I have asked the Trust to take over direct control of Bourne Mill, from June 1st, so that I shall have no further responsibility.

This evening the sun came out, and at 7.30 heard a distant alarm, and then one at Hadleigh.  All-clear in less than 5 minutes.
In the “Observer” today there was an article discussing Germany’s threats to carry out great raids on England, but the Civil Defence people don’t seem to take the threats very seriously.  All branches of Civil Defence services are being reduced, especially wardens.  The same paper also prints a list of churches, museums, great houses, etc destroyed by the R.A.F.  I see that the Romisch-Germanische Museum at Mainz has gone.  All this frightful carnage and destruction is being done in the name of freedom and democracy.  

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Frank said...

I can't wait for 1945, to see if, upon the liberation of the death camps, EJ adjusts his calculus on the justice of the war.