4th May 1943

Glorious day.  Felt better.  Came in on the bus, 70 people jammed into a 36 seated vehicle.  A record, I should think. 

Called at Bruce’s at the Hythe to inspect progress of carts, which are going very well.  Capt. Folkard out all day.  Later, went up to Lexden Park to see the gyrotiller at work, tearing up the last piece of the old parkland still remaining.  Walked all over the land, but could see no sign of pottery or anything else.

Busy all the rest of day, aftermath of Committee.  Felt bad again tonight, throat and legs, and did not want to do much. 

Joy said today that R.J. Minney’s film about Laval had been abandoned, because Rank, the man behind the film company, thought it most inadvisable to attack Laval in case Britain might want to be friendly with him one day.  She also repeated an amusing remark about money.  Somebody said “You can see what God thinks about money – look at the people He’s given it to.”

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