29th May 1943

Lovely day.  Busy all morning, and this afternoon went to the Market to see two horseshoes which one of the Writtle men had brought down.  They were both late 17th century types, but he was under the impression that they were ox-shoes.  Naturally an officer of the War Agricultural Committee could not be expected to know that cattle have cloven hooves.  These shoes were found near Chalfont St Giles.

An alarm at 2 o’clock for 10 minutes, but nothing came.  I was nervous, because there were thick clouds, but the sun came through, and when I went up High St. there was a military band playing outside the Hippodrome, while crowds stopped to listen.  Even now the ‘Cups’ Yard is packed with cars.  Where does the petrol come from?

As I came out tonight I noticed that the guns which were about Ipswich Rd railway bridge have all gone.  Does this mean we may expect a quiet time?

Felt happier today, and not so desperate as I have done recently.

Planes began to go out soon after 11.  How I hate the sound of them.

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