EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

4th August 1940

I packed up today, and after a lot of bother got away at 4 o’clock. The mare went very badly, and I had a miserable drive, continually thrashing her past the most innocent objects, such as cycles or even piles of rubbish beside the road. However, at last we got there (Dedham) and Sisson kindly came on with me to Sherborne Mill to put the mare away. The Parringtons were very kind, although I was sorry they had no proper stable, but only an open shed, in which the mare was confined by means of hurdles. She seemed very reluctant to settle down, and my fears for her successful confinement were justified when we got back to Dedham, as there had already been a telephone call to say she had broken out. I rang back to the Mill, and found Mrs. Parrington had most kindly taken her up to the farm buildings, nearly half a mile away, in the dark, and had shut her up in a yard, with hay. I did not want to go all the way back again.

“Sherman's”, [the Sissons’ house at] Dedham, is really lovely, and I am going to enjoy this. There is no siren at Dedham at all.

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