EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

11th August 1940: A Visit to Constable Country

Late breakfast. Went up to see the mare. After lunch went round by car to Late’s Farm, Raydon, which Sisson owns and is restoring, and then after tea to Flatford to see if we could get on the river, but it was quite impossible. Every boat was out, and there were great crowds waiting, dozens of cars on the parking places. It was just the same at Stratford Bridge, where there was another crowd of cars outside the road-house there. It is hard to believe that petrol is rationed. We went into Willy Lott’s house, where I had not been for several years, I thought it rather over restored and very bare, having no furnishings at all. How I could furnish the kitchen and dairy!

Also went into Flatford Manor House, recently rescued from complete decay. It is very fine, and gives an excellent idea of what a small hall-type house, [should be] and very well restored too. It is a pity that all the old farm buildings have been pulled down. They were not very picturesque, but without them the place looks rather naked and lonely.

And so back to “Sherman's”, to a delightful supper, and afterwards conversation in the drawing room.

Next week we really make a start on the harvest.


Jane said...

Interesting to read about E.J. visiting Willy Lott's cottage. I stayed there for a week once whilst on a School residential trip and it was a lovely place to stay

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks for your comment, Jane - what a memorable place to stay! It is such a beautiful place to visit, isn't it? CP