EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

13th August 1940

Work in the dingle this morning, helping to cut down timber for the new cowshed. This afternoon we all, Sissons and Parringtons, went over to Sissons’ place at Hadleigh, the “Flying Chariot”, to pick fruit. There is a lovely old orchard there, with a magnificent crop of plums. We had a picnic tea on the grass, and it was very pleasant indeed.

While we were there sirens sounded, and it was very comfortable to be able to hear them and know that one had nothing to do in the matter. Presumably an attack was threatened at Wattisham Aerodrome a few miles away, but we did not actually see any planes. The alarm did not last long.

More German attacks on the S. Coast today, and many of their planes brought down.

For more detail on events in the Battle of Britain for 13th August 1940 see the Imperial War Museum's Battle of Britain website or the RAF's Battle of Britain Campaign Diary. CP

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