EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

1st August 1940

Alarms at 1am and 3.15, the second only a few minutes after the previous All Clear. Finally got to sleep about 5 o’clock, and did not get up until 9.30am.

Today the Doctor [Laver] brought in 10 very fine bronze fibulae, obviously from an important grave group. He admitted they had been found while digging an air-raid shelter in the West End, but refused any further information, as he so often does.

This afternoon I went over to see Blake at Magazine Farm, taking my trap over with Hampshire’s little grey, and tried out his cob Molly. She is a beauty, but uncertain, and very apt to shy and bolt, and I really feel she is too much for me as I now am. However, he pressed me to take her for a week or so, and I will. She looks fine in the ralli. Only 6 years old.


Anonymous said...

Air raids, mysterious antiquities, and beautiful mares. Just a few beautifully written sentences perfectly encapsulate what I love about this blog.

Carry on, EJ!

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks for your lovely comments. You have summed up exactly what I felt about Eric's writing when I found his journals. Glad to be able to share his words with you. CP