25th November 1944 - Shurlock Row

Brilliant day, but cold.  Did some writing, then set off to Tywford for Margery to buy a book token for Land Army Girl's birthday gift.   

Went on to Reading.  Reading Market shut yesterday – Foot and Mouth at Sonning and more in Warwickshire.  Very serious outbreak this winter.

For the last 2 mornings have had an unpleasant aching pain under the lower ribs on the right side, but it gives off on movement.

Had tea at the cinema café – enormous crowds everywhere.  Came on to rain very suddenly, and the wet streets full of people scampering for shelter.  A big flight of Forts. came over form the NE, flying very low in the rain, landing lights glowing. 

Looked into the Abbey Ruins, now almost completely covered with dirty ivy, and looking dreadfully desolate and dreary on this November afternoon. Air raid shelters have been dug all over the centre of the ruins and should have been most valuable from an archaeological point of view.

Left at 5, having failed to get any cakes for Margery.  Cycled quickly with a following wind, meeting a few stray Forts rumbling through the low drifting clouds.  Heavy traffic.  Got to Shurlock Row at quarter to 6, just in time for another tea.  Spent evening reading Thackeray.

Bright moonlight, and a lot of planes coming and going.

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