16th November 1944 - Shurlock Row

Brilliant morning, but cold.  Uncle out in the garden, working like a man of 50.  I sat indoors writing, but Marjery insisted I should take the WLA girl to Reading to the cinema.  The only film of any interest seemed to be “The Four Feathers”, so I suggested we should go there.  Enjoyed the film just as much as when I saw it years ago.  Much amused by someone in the stalls who clapped eagerly at every opportunity, whenever the gallant British Army shot the hell out of various natives, whenever the flag was shown or Lord Kitchener appeared.  

When we came out it was dark, and there was nowhere to get a drink except at a rather dirty milk bar down the road.  We had milk there, and then set off home very cautiously, as she had no front light and I no rear.  However, we got past the police at the junction near the Cemetery, but just after I tripped against the curb and fell down, putting out my knee and jarring my elbow.  Fog on the road, and we had to be very careful owing to the danger of traffic.

At last got onto the side lanes, and up the Straight Mile to supper after which heard the “Itma” show, which I much enjoyed, though I don't think the others did.  Margery told me that the Land Army girl had a very pleasant time, though I thought it must have been very dull for her.

Rain began this evening.  No alarms or explosions, though there are divers over every night.

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