18th November 1944 - Shurlock Row

Warm, fine and cloudy.  Up rather late.  Writing all morning.  Newspapers came at 10 o’clock. 'The Express' reports that Leigh-Mallory, Air Chief Marshall and his wife are missing.  

About midday heard 2 or 3 heavy explosions in the direction of London.  Perhaps rockets?  About half past 5 there was a great noise of bombers, and we saw many Stirlings coming over from the West and NW, at various height.  They finally made off to the S.E.  Before 7 some could be heard going back to the NW, and more came in between 9.30 and 10.

Had very bad heart pains this afternoon, after playing with the cat.  It was only for 5 minutes, but I was so exhausted I thought I should faint.  There must be something radically wrong.

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