20th November 1944 - Shurlock Row

Heavy showers but then cleared up.  Margery brought me a cup of tea and I wished her many happy returns and kissed her.  She must be about 40 now, but does not look it.  Uncle kissed her, and said he was sorry not to be able to give here the usual box of chocolates.
Hundreds of heavy bombers went out in the dawn.  The papers speak of great fighting in the West.  Bonn and Trier are both in frightful danger.  Some accounts say Bonn has already been utterly destroyed.

Set off with Margery, on cycles to Twyford and caught 1 o’clock bus to Reading.  Seemed curious to go into a cinema at half past 1 in the afternoon.  Saw “Fanny by Gaslight” First time Margery had seen it.  I enjoyed seeing it again, as it gave me a chance to see details missed before.  Thought the Islington set looked rather artificial, but Belgrave Square and the Yorkshire House were excellent. I insisted we had tea so we went into a café in Broad Street.

Bought evening paper – “French Reach Rhine”.  Caught 5.30 bus, and got seats on top.  The street lights were coming on.  Margery had not seen lights for 5 and a half years but was not very impressed.

Had to cycle back from Twyford in heavy rain and Margery hates cycling in the dark.  Said she had enjoyed her outing enormously.  Poor dear works far too hard, and has very little fun, but always keeps happy and cheerful.

Had birthday tea in the front room tonight, did not finish until 8.

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