17th November 1944 - Shurlock Row

Terrible storm all night and rain kept on all morning.

Wrote to Miss Bentley, paid more rent, and to Miss Lazell about the old man’s death.  Don’t know whether to write to Mrs Smallwood or not.

This afternoon Margery took me to the village “Library” in the school next door.  Took “The Changing Village” by F G Thomas.

Heard on 6 o’clock news that a new form of announcement is now adopted regarding V1 and V2 even vaguer than before.  In future we are to be told that in “the period of 24 hours ending at dawn there was enemy activity over southern England.  Damage and casualties were caused.”  Nothing more.  What more could be done to create alarm, fear and rumour?

Had a bath in the kitchen.  Bed 10.30.

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