5th May 1944

Dull and cold.   Chaotic morning. ‘phones ringing, people calling.  One was Chaplin, from Dedham, arguing endlessly about grant on an extra acre of ploughed grass, to which he is not really entitled but which he is prepared to argue about all morning if necessary.

Heavy rain at times during the day. 

Shocked to read in the “Standard” tonight that No. 6 Trinity St has been handed over for a joint British-American Red Cross Club, and is to be converted at a cost of £850 into a dance hall.  Telephoned to Sisson and Duncan Clark, but neither knew anything of the exact proposal yet.  Perhaps the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings will help.

To Holly Trees tonight for two hours.  Heavy clouds, and rain at times.  Lovely to think of another quiet night.

When I got back to Boxted the Hartley couple came in from a visit to the “Half Butt” at Horkesley, saying how badly behaved the Americans were when drunk.

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