18th May 1944

Raining and cold.  No planes about.  Busy all day, but seemed to get little done.  To Holly Trees tonight, talking about the possibility of my going back.  Found a letter waiting for me from the Royal Institution, enclosing photos of ‘Le Stonhous’ drawings from the copy of Morant in the Library there.  They are very similar to those in Philip Hills’ copy, but have the important addition of the north point – previously I had not known which way the building faced.  Went up to the Essex Archaeological Society Library and spent two very pleasant hours with Essex Archaeological Society Transactions and ‘Essex Review’, collecting references to the ‘Stonehouse’ site. 

Noticed this little point in Morant – when speaking of the famous date on the window-sill, he mentions that there was another early date in the town, that of 1497 over the archway leading to Cistern Yard, North Hill.  This was the yard at the back of the Marquis of Granby, as William Wire shows in his ‘Street Names of Colchester’, and may indicate that the ‘Marquis’ is earlier than we thought.  In 1940 I found that it has a hammer-beam roof, so that a late 15th century date would not be surprising.

Got back to Boxted just before 8, heavy rain beginning again.  Had supper and listened to radio.  Great relief at the prospect of another quiet night.  Dozed in the armchair, and woke at 1 a.m.  Heard two planes pass over, flying among the dripping, glittering stars.  A warm wet mist arising.

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