25th May 1944

Warm, nice spring day.  Planes going out in great numbers.  Mrs. Hartley, wife of one of the other lodgers at Woodside, has been away for 10 days, and returned today with a baby.

Now reading Dorothy Wordsworth’s Journals for the first time.  Curious to see how her impressions of Scotland are similar to mine 120 years later.

Heard today that the new Assistant District Officer will be arriving on June 1st, so went to the Billeting Officer, Elgar, to see if I could find him a billet.  Elgar’s office is now on the first floor of Sir Isaac Rebow’s house, in a beautifully panelled room.  Several of the upstairs rooms are in excellent condition and have never been photographed or drawn. 

Saw Hervey Benham and arranged to go through some of Sir Gurney’s papers tomorrow.

Cloudy this evening, and looks like rain.  Not a ‘plane about, so went to Boxted early, and to bed before midnight, hoping to get undisturbed sleep. 

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