24th May 1944

Fine, hot and hazy.  Many ‘planes going out.  Swallows swooping in Military Road.  Took some more eggs to Father.  He seemed very well. 

A man named Cooper, from Langham, rang up, to say he had bought East Mersea Hall, and was taking possession next month.  This will make a big change down there.

Capt. Folkard went to a meeting of the Lexden and Winstree R.D.C, today, and said there was a representative of the Ministry of Health there, to instruct the Council on the Ministry’s policy regarding country villages.  He appears to have told the Council that quite a number of the more remote villages would be regarded as uninhabitable, and would be allowed to drift into total decay.  Other villages which the Ministry consider to be more “civilised”, would be enlarged to become small towns, and in time lose their rural character altogether.  The inhabitants too would be encouraged to take up town pursuits to the further decay of country life.  The Council were mildly shocked at this fantastic nonsense, as well they might be, but failed to make any very strong protest.

Went to the Repertory Players tonight with Daphne, to see “The Taming of the Shrew”.  Very well done, beautifully dressed, and the scenery very fine indeed.  Yvonne Campbell was Katherina, delightful, and so very pretty.  Larry Silverstone was back to play Grumio with great spirit.  The final scene, “A Room in Lucentio’s house”, was a really wonderful setting.  Much enjoyed the whole evening.

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