3rd May 1944

Cold. Heavy shower of rain for half an hour, about 7 o’clock, and the wind gone round to N.W.

In Mile End, saw a huge pair-horse road-wagon belonging to the Institution Farms, and a single-breasted wain behind.  Several army G.S. wagons in the town, looking very fine.

Capt. Folkard very friendly this morning, and made me feel for once that I was of some real use.  Trouble about the old thatcher who is working at Weathercock, on Mersea Island.  Nott and Baldwin do everything they can to obstruct his work, sending him rotten dirty straw, no pegs, taking away his mate, etc.  All done out of sheer spite because he is not a local man, coming from Bentley.

Not so many ‘planes about today.  Took a letter to Benham from the Chairman about “Farm Sunday”, and talked to him about the “Essex Review”.  He is very anxious for me to take it on.  Promised to let him know by the end of the week.  We had coffee in the Milk Bar by Jacklin’s, and two of the Repertory men came in full of complaints about the production.  Apparently not a very happy company.

Hervey Benham told me that Sir Gurney is now very weak, and spends most of his time dozing in his chair, waking in the evening, and chiding himself for not getting work done.  So he slips gently away.  Saw Mary Ralling.  Annie is just the same.

Lunch with Daphne today, very bright and cheerful, talking about horses and riding.

This evening to the Essex Archaeological Society Library, and then to Boxted.  Colder.  Looks like more rain.

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