31st May 1944

Hazy in the early morning, and not quite so hot.  Very late in, so went to see Father first, and was relieved to find him well.  Miss Payne is most anxious to go away for a weekend which worries me.

Went out, and called at the scene-painting shop in the old public hall, to see Diana.  Had a cup of tea and a chat.

Astonishing telephone message from Engledow at Writtle, to say that it had been decided to dismiss Mrs Allen at once, as she is quite unsuitable to look after Land Girls.  This is quite the most fantastic piece of nonsense that has yet come out of the Labour Department.  As a matter of fact, Mrs Allen is very good with the girls.  It is a perfect outrage that she should be treated in this way.  Naturally Engledow has not given the slightest consideration as to how we should manage the girls for the rest of the sugar-beet season.  Captain Folkard is furious.

Clouded over this afternoon.  Took Daphne out to tea and to the Hippodrome to see “Fanny by Gaslight”, very well done and I much enjoyed it.  Out at 9.45.  Heavy clouds, and the glass gone back.

Shortly after 11 it began to thunder and lightning, and rain fell.  Hardly a ‘plane about.  To bed at 1 a.m., the moon beginning to show through cloud-rack.

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