27th May 1944

Whit Saturday
No office today, so went to Holly Trees first to help bring in Sir Gurney Benham’s papers for further sorting.  Put them all in the Library Room.  Hull knows nothing of this.  Found a copy of Essex Archaeological Society Transactions, Vol I, part I, old series, in the original covers.  This is really a curiosity, as most of the stock was destroyed in a fire many years ago.

Looked in at the office to get papers ready for Monday’s meeting.  This afternoon to see the film “Goodbye Mr Chips”, which I saw in London just before the Royal Show, on the night when the I.R.A. blew up a bank in Piccadilly.  Very good play.

Went home to tea.  Father pretty fair, but had a heart pain yesterday.  This evening to Holly Trees, sorting prints.  Poulter seemed ill, and anxious about his throat.  To Boxted at 11p.m.  Quite light, and several ‘planes about.

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