9th April 1944

Easter Sunday
Wind veered from E. to S.W.  Warmer, and rain falling.  Very heavy shower about 10 o’clock but cleared up and the sun came out.

Went over to Dedham this afternoon, as had been looking forward to seeing Sissons all the week.  Unfortunately Mrs. S. had a very bad cold, so the visit was not a success.  Had tea at the café, went over to Sherboune Mill and collected some eggs.  Joy also had a bad cold and could hardly speak.  Lovely calm summer evening, but felt very nervous.  It is so long since there was an attack in this area that we all feel something must happen soon. 

From Dedham went on to Colchester to get supper, but everywhere was closed except the Milk-Bars.  Went into the one in Pelham’s Lane, and had a coffee and a cheese sandwich, then to Holly Trees for an hour, looking for material on St Botolph’s Priory.   Back to Boxted in the moonlight.

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