28th April 1944

Hundreds of ‘planes going over between 4 and 5 in the morning.  So difficult to get more than a couple of hours sleep nowadays.  Late up.  Dull, and rather cooler.

Chairman came in this morning, talking about Home Guard duties.  Saw Mary Ralling today, and she talked about Annie.  Poor dear Annie.  She was so very kind to Father that day last November, held his hand, put her arm round his shoulders, made him tea.

Went to Holly Trees, and Poulter insisted on introducing me to a most charming young woman in charge of a stand at the Castle show, illustrating rat destruction.  Made quite a hit, so went back and asked her out to tea.  She came, and afterwards we went to the ‘Playhouse’, and saw quite the worst film I have seen for years, something about Russia, but there was a lovely Walt Disney cartoon to make up for it.  Afterwards we walked up to Sheepen Farm and back to the town, and had a coffee in one of the milk bars.  She was staying at the “Lion”.  Talked about Ministries – Ministry of Food seems every bit as bad as the Ministry of Agriculture.  She is charming, knowledgeable and witty.  Have not enjoyed a talk so much for months.

Hervey Benham put an extract from my journal in the Essex County Standard tonight, about the Clacton ‘plane crash 4 years ago.  It was anonymous of course, but made me uncomfortable to see it, particularly as it was slightly changed.  In his editorial notes he quotes a gloomy entry from his own diary.
Boxted at midnight.  Planes.


Anonymous said...


Pathe News have released a quantity of newsreel to YouTube. This is the link for a report of the Clacton crash
I had seen it before online, but this has been cleaned up with much improved quality.

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Thanks Mike - I have seen this footage before too and this version is much better - definitely worth a look! Best wishes, CP