5th April 1944

Heavy, wet, mist this morning, after a quiet night. 

Noticed that the old “Sea Horse” Hotel in High Street is now being demolished, although why I do not know.  It was closed some years ago, and was bought by Kent, Blaxill & Co to extend their premises.  Strange that labour can be found for this sort of work, yet we can get nothing done on the farms.

Tremendous shower of rain when I was having supper in the café this evening, but did not last long.  Interesting notice has just appeared on an empty shop in Culver Street:

            “US Army First Aid
            Prophylaxis Station”

It is painted on an official American Red Cross sign.  What delightful people - such charming social habits.

Went round to see Diana as there was no show this week, but all she wanted to do was talk about her Texan, a large dull man of about 50, with whom she is having a very romantic affair.  She has now taken him to her people in Staffordshire, and is seriously considering going back to Texas with him after the war.  We understand that he is married, and some people say he is over 60, but it is impossible to tell with these weathered, hard-drinking men.  It all seemed to me to be very sad and depressing.

Fine night, brilliant moon.

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