EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

19th April 1944

Sure enough, an alarm about 2am, but nothing happened.  Good many planes flying about all night, but heard no bombs or firing.

Thick fog at 7 o’clock, and an enormous number of ‘planes flying out above it.  Never known them to do this before.

Fog cleared, and it was a brilliant morning, quite warm.  Saw the boy, Death, drive up to the house opposite the office with a load of coal, and old Sir Hugh Walmsley going up town with his shopping basket.

Telephone from the Royal Observer Corps this morning, for me to see one of the officers, Claydon.  Offered to come down here this afternoon, but I thought I had better go to the HQ in Lexden Road instead.  Went up at half past one, and ran slap into Hull on the doorstep.  Felt an awful fool.  He grinned at me, very feebly, and went into one of the rooms.

Was rather shaken to be told that girls are now being put on the out posts, but don't think there are any at Gt. Horkesley.  Now have to see the police about getting release from shelter duties – forgot all about that.

Went to Holly Trees tonight.  Poulter showed me a fine silver coin from the Park, which Hull identified as a Republican.  Thought it very doubtful, so checked it in Colven, and found it to be a “restoration” coin of Galba, Obv: 10M CAPITOLANVS, Rev: VESTA, quite rare.  Extraordinary that Hull should make such a mistake, as he used to be so good with Roman coins.

Back to Boxted at 9.  Came over very cloudy at 8, and steady rain began at 11 o’clock.  Miss Bentley told me that she heard by phone today that the Brompton Hospital (See Daily Telegraph, 19.5.44.  Was this perhaps Edmonton, not Brompton?  Perhaps Miss B. heard wrongly) was hit during the raid this morning.  It is mentioned as “a London hospital” in the evening papers, and from the account given it would seem that about 12 people were killed there, and very serious damage done.
Curious to think how one’s life depends on the weather.  Last night – fine, bad raid.  Tonight – wet, all quiet.

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